Saturday School

Curiosity & Openness

Saturday School gives your child the chance to experience and explore, socialize and develop new skills to communicate with others in a fun and natural environment. Children expand their learning with every experience and every interaction, and every observation they make. Children at Fussa Heritage International School are active, healthy and happy, curious and creative, playful and joyous. They are loved and respected, safe and secure. Children are our collective responsibility. They are valued for who they are today, and as the future parents and leaders of tomorrow. “Each child is Unique” 

The children have a fantastic time learning to communicate in English as they enjoy a balanced mixture of phonics, drill, flashcards, reading, writing, listening, speaking, art & craft and educational videos.

We strives toward developing an internationally-minded person who demonstrates the attributes concepts, skills, knowledge, attitudes and action that gives students the opportunity to take an active role in their learning.

​​​​2018 Summer School

Fussa Heritage International School