​​​​2018 Summer School

Fussa Heritage International School

Fussa Heritage International Preschool

Job Title: Preschool teaching/ Early childcare Educator
Branch: Fussa, Tokyo

Job Summary

Assist children learn from playing, problem solving, questioning, and experimenting.

Prepare children for kindergarten/ Elementary School by introducing concepts they will build on. Plan and carry out a curriculum that targets different areas of child development, such as language, cognitive, emotional , motor, and social skills

Job Schedule​

9am-2PM Mon-Fri

Key Qualifications

Valid Working Visa

​Native English Speaker, however people with good English skills will also be considered.

Semi/ Full Time : Bachelor's Degree

Part time-  Minimun of High School Diploma

*Work experience in a childcare setting*

Additional Requirements

Patience|Good Communication skills| Creativity.

Organizational skills|Interpersonal skills|Physical stamina.
Qualified Candidate

Please send your Resume & cover letter to info@fussa-heritage-is.com