Fussa Heritage International School


​​​​2018 Summer School


​​About Us

Who We Are

 Fussa  Heritage International Preschool program is an innovative, efficient and exciting approach to building 21st century skills. Children are encouraged to make new discoveries, actively pursue their interests, ask questions, solve problems, and get along well with others. We focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration which are essential to prepare children for success in the future. Our utmost priority is to provide high-quality preschool education, KIndergarten and after-school in a warm, nurturing environment.  Our classroom is strategically designed to support every child learning style.  We provide a secure environment where your child can learn with confidence.

​Our  curriculum  is child centered, theme based and full of variety of interesting and inspiring activities. We support and help your child learn about themselves and the world around them

Our Mission

Our mission is to nature confident, open-minded, well balanced, independent, knowledgeable, and communicators for global responsibility.

 Fussa Heritage International Preschool  is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for young children to reach their full potential socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively within the learning environment.

Our classroom integrates the principles of 21st-centry education and learning skills; creativity, critically thinking, communication and collaboration. Bringing the world into the classroom and promoting global connections, taking our students out into the world beyond the classroom. Creating opportunities for students to interact with each other and work collaboratively, creating authentic learning experiences for students, including the use of technology.

Our Goals

Our goals is to daily work with our students and be totally authentic and purposeful.  We strives toward developing an internationally-minded person who demonstrates the attributes concepts, skills, knowledge, attitudes and action that gives students the opportunity to take an active role in their learning


 In farming, Seeds needs clean air, sunlight, healthy soil and water in the right proportion to grow, so are children. Children needs the right learning environment (soil) to grow- children expand their learning with every experience, every interaction, and every observation they make. A well planned learning atmosphere (Air) is needed to thrive.

Fussa Heritage International School learning environment is carefully and thoughtfully designed to encourage opportunities for creative exploration and experience that makes them ponder and pursue a whole new world in and out of the classroom. Since they are naturally curious, we carefully setup the learning center to enable them to investigate and invent. Children’s tremendous capacity to learn is enhanced when they experience nurturing environments, and are able to explore their worlds through play.

We know children should be praised and celebrated, so we at Fussa Heritage International school create avenues for them to present their new invention and discoveries. Nurturing hands and warmth from experienced and knowledgeable early childhood educators is like the Sun shining bright on the tree. Efforts of parents/guardian are like the stream of water supplying the tree with its nutrients which makes the leaves green and causes the tree to bring its fruits in the right season.

​​Why Choose Our Preschool? 

1:  Curriculum

Creative curriculum. 


2: Classroom Environment

Our classroom is strategically designed to support every child learning style. 

We provide a secure environment where your child can learn with confidence.

3: Teachers

 Our preschool teachers have many years of experience in early childhood education

4:    Security​​

  All classrooms are equipped with video surveillance

5 :  Technology  Communication

Outstanding Parent/teacher communication via "App"

6:  School Bus​​

​  Drop off & pickup

7:  Field Trip Experience

​ Fun time to experience new things!